New Apple II Game: Bagatelle

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Raphael Rezende has released a new Apple II game, Bagatelle. According to his posting in the Apple II Software Enthusiasts group:

This is a simplified arcade machine, in which you and the apple take turns, throwing balls into a box containing colored poles. Your score increases each time you hit a post, on your way down the box, and the ball changes direction when it hits a post, which increases your chances of hitting more obstacles.

You use stick 0 to choose the position you want the ball to roll from. Press the button to release the ball. each of you (you and the computer) wins five balls. when they run out, the computer announces the winner, and asks if you want to play again.
apple also keeps the number of games you’ve won since you started.

you will see that it is very difficult to beat apple. try 10 games, and see if you can become the winner!

You can download the game for free from:
Bagatelle Version 1

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