New Apple II Game — Brickbat

Raphael Rezende has released a new game for the Apple II. Brickbat as he has so named the program is a text based Brick Out or as he says, “Arcanoid” type game in which the user attempt to eliminate all of the “Bricks” using a paddle at the bottom of the screen.

This 50 line or so program takes up just seven sectors on a DOS 3.3 floppy disk and not only is very playable but actually is just as challenging as the original Brick Out from the late 1970’s.

While we are not necessarily the best gamers on the planet, our score of 4423 is not too bad considering it was the second shot at the game. Brickbat is Raphael’s entry into the First A2SE Programming Exhibition of 2021 which was announced a few days ago in the Apple II Software Enthusiasts group. We believe he has a solid entry here and shows exactly what can be accomplished with pure text and Applesoft BASIC.

To download the latest version of the Brickbat program floppy, go to:

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