New Apple II Game: Escape!

This years Apple II Software Enthusiasts (A2SE) text based programming contest is producing a myriad of great new games for the Apple II computer. Raphael Rezende has submitted another entry worth mentioning in the pages of Call-A.P.P.L.E.. His new game Escape pits you against a monster in a dungeon in which, “

You found in a mine, a precious stone, and when you were returning toward entrance, there was an earthquake, that released a monster which was keeping the treasure! So,you have tools to dig one type of stone. But be careful, in themine, there are two type of stone ! Use arrow keys to moveand get out of the mine !

A2SE Posting by the author, Raphael Rezende

You can download the Escape! Disk Image from the A2SE group on Facebook or from:

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