New Apple IIgs Game: Night Driver 1.0

For those of us who grew up with arcade games in the 1970’s, there were a few games which stuck out. Night Driver would be one such game. There have been many versions over the years, but now thanks to Apple hobbyist Ian Schmidt, the game has come to the Apple IIgs!

Complete with artwork from the Fatdog Projects, creators of the monthly Apple IIgs art disks, the game comes with three track modes: Novice, Expert and Pro. Ian has also added a few bells and whistles which make the game even more challenging including Reverse Direction, and 4 time modes with the shortest one being 50 seconds. Bonus time can be turned on or off with 350 points being the threshold when this mode is turned on.

The game and game menus are controlled with the Arrow Keys and the Space Bar / Enter keys. Wishing the game, 5=coin insert, 1=start game, Q/A/W/S = gears, Open Apple = accelerate, and the left/right arrows steer the car.

If you are an old school arcade game fan, this version will be plenty to challenge even the best of the track masters. Be sure and check it out today!

You can download the game from:

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