PunyInform 3.3 Released

The latest version of the PinyInform Library has been released. Punyform 3.3 includes host of changes and bug fixes including the following items:

Changes in functionality:

  • Implemented ChooseObjects entry point routine.
  • Added a ‘score’ verb for games with no score, which just prints a message saying there is no score in this game.
  • Added an example of how to add random comments to a game (howto/comments.inf).
  • Changed so that NPCs can’t use wildcards, such as “take all” (This was deemed a both buggy and undesirable behaviour)
  • Set lower priority in parser for objects that aren’t held when issuing an action that expects a held object.
  • Set lower priority in parser for held objects when issuing a Take command, even for NPCs.


  • Exclude code to call LibraryMessages unless it’s defined.


  • Stopped the parser from trying to pick up object for Held grammar token when actor isn’t player.
  • Fix so noun is the first recognized word in topic, and second is the actor, when action == ##NotUnderstood
  • Fixed bug which made parser not recognize NPC name if player first did “go (direction)” or asked an NPC to do it, e.g. “John, go east” and then “John, take the sweater”.
  • Improved parsing of complex disambiguation messages such as ‘get blue book and books’ and ‘get blue book and all books except blue’
  • Fixed bad call to each_turn when aborting a disambiguation question

PunyInform is a library which allows creation of Text Adventures and Interactive Fiction games to be written using the Z-Machine. The resulting games can then be compiled into Z3, Z5 and Z8 formats and run on a variety of 8-Bit Platforms. PunyInform was created by Graham Nelson and is based on the Inform 6 library. A full manual is available in an Online version or PDF version in addition to the source code for the Library.

For more information or to download the latest version of the PunyInform library, check out the PunyInform Github page at:

Puddle Build Tools will allow you to build your game for up to 25 different platforms in a single shot. The latest version of Puddle Build Tools can be found at:

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