Option8 Releases BlockChain Game

Option8 also known as Charles Mangin has released a new Apple II game, BlockChain.  Fresh off his recent success of his new game DropBlock which came in two flavors, single and double player, he now has released a game which gives a new twist to the idea of placing falling blocks.

One of the twists on BlockChain is the fact that combines blocks change color making it harder than DropBlock.   According to the BlockChain blurb on the Option8 website,

Match colored blocks to form “block chains” of progressive colors. Red blocks combine to make Orange, Orange blocks combine to yellow, and so on. Each level adds another type of chain to form, and gets a little faster.

BlockChain and DropBlock are both free downloads from the Option8 Github page at: https://github.com/option8/dropblocks

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