Ciderpress 4.1.0 Released

From the CSA2 group and Andy McFadden:

This was a relative minor release. I bumped the minor version because of the compatibility break. Changes since v4.0.5: 

* Added save and restore of main window placement (issue #41). 
* Added workaround for ProDOS sparse file issue (issues #15 and #49). 
* Updated to modern build tools (breaks WinXP support). 

This version runs on Windows 7 and later. See for downloads for the latest version as well as older versions that run on WinXP/Vista and Win98/ME/2K. 


The ProDOS sparseness issue happens (I think) because some programs expect the first block in a tree file’s master block list to be nonzero, and become sad if it isn’t. Adding zeroed-out blocks wastes a little space if the first 128KB of the file is full of zeroes, so CiderPress didn’t create them that way. Now it does. cf.

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