ProDOS Drivers 1.3 Released

Joshua Bell has released the latest rendition of his ProDOS Drivers disk. The ProDOS Drivers version 1.3 includes a host of drivers for various cards in the Apple II series computers. Some of the drivers included in this version are:

  • Real-time Clock drivers
    • No-Slot Clock
    • Cricket!
    • Applied Engineering DClock
  • RAM Disk drivers
    • RAMWorks Driver by Glen E. Bredon
  • Quit dispatcher/selector (BYE routines)
    • 40-column Selector (from ProDOS)
    • 80-column menu-driven Selector (from ProDOS 1.9 and 2.x)
    • Bird’s Better Bye (a 40-column menu-driven selector)
    • Buh-Bye (an enhanced version of the ProDOS 80-column, menu-driven selector)

You can download the latest floppy from the ProDOS Drivers Github page at:

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