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This morning, Egan Ford posted a note to CSA2 announcing his online Apple ][ Game Server.   According to the announcement, “I’ve completed my cassette port research and achieved gains of 6x (12x with compression).  I did have an application in mind.  Inspired by the Apple Game Server, I created a web-based version.  There is a video tutorial if you just want to see it in action (single take, be kind).

The game server allows you to connect your PC or Mac directly to your Apple II via the cassette port on the Apple II.  Apple game server then will load your Apple II with the particular game by “playing” it to the Apple ][.   Egan currently provides over 210 different games on the site all of which will auto load onto the Apple ][.

To use the game server, you can go to the Apple ][ Game Server Online website at:

According to Egan’s note, the site has been tested with the following platforms:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPad 2
  • Mac Firefox
  • Mac Chrome
  • Mac Safari

The game server is complete with video tutorial which is available at:

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