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In 1988, Berkeley Softworks came out with what was then one of the premier operating systems for the Apple ][ series computers.  The Graphic Environment Operating System, or GEOS for short was to put it mildly, a revolution in the way that the Apple //e handled its programs.  Using capabilities only available on the Apple IIgs and other personal computers on the higher end of the spectrum of the time, Berkeley Softworks gave the lowly Apple //e, //c, and the Laser 128 the same high function, high capability easy to use interface.

In 2003, we contacted the then owners of the company, Breadbox Software and received permission to replicate the manuals for the program.  Breadbox had just released the Apple ][ version of GEOS as freeware and we figured an operating system without the manuals just would not do.  Thus we took it upon our little group at the time to contact them.

Now 8 years later, we are re-posting that system with manuals and complete hard disk image (HDV) of the system, ready to run on the latest emulators.  You can download the entire DVD below by clicking on the GEOS CD Link below.   The CD is a 140mb download.

Please note that the copyright on the package is as follows:  The software contained in this CD-Rom was released as Freeware in August 2003 by Breadbox Software.  Please be aware that this does not mean that the software is public domain.  The GEOS CD-Rom and Manual Reproduction is produced by Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange ( with the kind permission of Breadbox Software.  This collection may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Breadbox Software and A.P.P.L.E.

GEOS System CD


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