Calibre E-Book Manager Updated

Calibre has announced an update to their E-Book manager application. Calibre version 4.17 includes a lot of changes and updates to the app including:

New features

  • Add a workaround for Amazon destroying cover thumbnails on e-ink Kindles.For books sent with this release of calibre, reconnecting the Kindle to calibre after the cover has been destroyed will restore it automatically
  • Viewer: Group search results by section
  • Viewer: When the search results panel is expanded, show more context
  • Tag browser: Add options in Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser to hide empty categories and also to have the Find in the Tag browser show all matches instead of jumping from match to match.
  • Tag browser: The Find function for searching for items in the Tag browser can now do exact matching by using = as a prefix.
  • Manage tags/authors/etc dialogs: Allow searching and filtering the list of items.Closes tickets: 1879134
  • Book details panel contenxt menu: Add an action to open the Book details window.Closes tickets: 1878768
  • Viewer: Add Next and Previous buttons in the bookmarks panel.Closes tickets: 1878691
  • Conversion: Change the default white-space CSS for <pre> tags to pre-wrap as this suits ebooks better

Bug fixes

  • Edit Book: Fix default CSS template not quoting the charset, causing Check book to complain about the CSS.Closes tickets: 1879618
  • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke the losslessly compress images tool when the image filenames had upper case characters on Windows.Closes tickets: 1879313
  • Fix a regression that broke drag and drop of images from browsers to the book details panel on some platforms.Closes tickets: 1879120
  • FB2 metadata: Fix setting dates before 1900 failing
  • Fix Bookeen Diva HD not being detected.Closes tickets: 1877965


Calibre is a multi-platform E-Book manager and is available for all Windows, Linux and Apple platforms. The only drawback to the latest version is that it requires Mac OS X 10.14 or later. You can download the latest version of the Calibre E-Book Manager app from their website at:

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