Terra Nova: Fr3nch T0uch’s 256 Byte Intro for Revision 2021

The Fr3nch T0uch hack group just came out with an absolutely fantastic 256 byte intro titled Terra Nova for the Apple II. The demo was for the Revision 2021 event going on currently from April 2nd to April 5th 2021. Written on the Apple IIe, Terra Nova demos a purely text based scroller with full Mockingboard sound track. It will run on either DOS 3.3 or ProDOS with the source code also available in addition to the binary.

Revision 2021 is the world’s largest Demoscene event and boasts visitors and participants from more than 30 countries. If you want to check out the event, it is at: https://2021.revision-party.net/start.

The Fr3nch T0uch’s demo can be downloaded from their vault of demos at:

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