Snacking On Software Releases Lunar Rescue

Disaster! On a routine lunar scouting mission, United Earth expedition 1 was attacked by Moon Bats, stranding 60 crew members across the lunar surface.

It’s up to you to successfully pilot a Lunar Rescue Vehicle safely down to the surface and recover the stranded crew one by one before their air runs out!

PRE-ORDER NOW! for $20 + $3 shipping, in old-school ziplock baggie packaging in 5.25″ DOS 3.3 floppy disk format with instruction sheet signed by the author. Compatible with the Apple ][, Apple][+, Apple //e, Apple //c, Apple /// (in compatibility mode), and Apple IIgs. All Assembly Language. Supports Mockingboard!

$20 plus $3 shipping

For more information or to order the game, check out the Snacking On Software website at:

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