Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings: The Rise and Fall of Sierra On-Line

A new book about Sierra On-Line has been released by Ken Williams titled, “Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings: The Rise and Fall of Sierra On-Line.” Upon first glance, it looks to be a very informative overview of the inspirations and experiences of Ken and Roberta Williams at Sierra.

According to the press release, “Sierra On-Line was one of the very first computer game companies, and at one time dominated the industry. The author, Ken Williams, founded Sierra On-Line with his wife Roberta, who went on to create many of the company’s best-selling games. Sierra grew from just Ken and Roberta to over one thousand employees and a fan base that still exists today, despite the fact that the company was torn apart by criminal activities, scandal and corruption resulting in jail sentences and the collapse of Sierra. This is the behind-the-scenes story of the rise and fall, as it could only be told by the ultimate insider.”

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The book is available now from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats, and from Lulu in Paperback, as well as PDF and Epub formats.

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