The Music Studio for the Apple IIgs Updated

Enrico Rolfi has announced the immediate availability of The Music Studio for the Apple IIgs, the unofficial version. The Music Studio for the Apple IIgs Version 2.0.3 is available for download on Enrico’s website. According to the release notes on the site:

The Music Studio is a music composition software for the Apple IIGS that was first released between the end of 1986 and the beginning of 1987.

Armed with nothing more than the original program binary, I decided to make an unofficial update of this program nearly 35 years after its first release!

In version 2.0.2 I was able to fix most of the major, annoying bugs. The digitized instruments support was also improved, providing better interchangeability with popular Apple IIgs sound editing programs. The splash screen of the program was converted to 256 colors, and the intro song was given better sounding instruments!

Version 2.0.3 is yet another unofficial release of The Music Studio, with bug fixes and improvements. But the most sought-after addition is a new disk with songs that were composed by the original musicians of The Music Studio team, back in the ’80s. Porting those songs from the Atari and Amiga was a long but pleasant journey that occupied my spare time during 2022. There are some pretty catchy tunes, and I really hope that you will enjoy them.

NOTE: version 2.0.2 was a Prerelease and, as such, it’s not recommended to use it.

You can download Version 2.03 of The Music Studio for the Apple IIgs here:

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