Ultima IV Remastered 1.21

A couple of weeks back, I ran across a nifty little project that played right into my college years and the programs that made me crazy about the Apple II series computers. Ultima IV Remastered! Of course, I am sure there were some things at the time that drove people crazy about the game but for this RPG player, it was just part of the novelty of running such a huge scale program on a machine that had a total of 64Kb or memory and floppy drives that only held 140Kb.

Obviously, some of the idiosyncrasies bothered Sean Gugler so much, that he set out to fix some of them in his version of Ultima IV. According to Sean,”

Ultima IV Remastered is a fan project with over 40 bug fixes and enhancements upon the original 1985 game by Lord British. Notable features include: trainer menu (optional cheat codes); gender-neutral character creation; faster dungeon exploration with a single-character mode; skull artifact supported in combat; Mockingboard support on Apple IIgs and //c models. New features are silent unless invoked, so players may choose to ignore them and experience the game as originally designed.

All game code has been disassembled and documented for study, including music drivers and draw routines. Credit to MagerValp and Genesis Project for creating the Commodore 64 edition, and to Sean Gugler for further refinements and back-porting to Apple II.

Email from Sean Gugler.

Complete details of the project and downloads of the Ultima IV Remastered game can be found at :

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