Vintage Micros Releases Lisa Sound Card

Vintage Micros ( has produced and released one of the hardest to find products for the Apple Lisa computer.  The Lisa DAC Sound Card is considered to be the holy grail of collectables for the Lisa and now for a limited time, they are offering the card for sale for $229.00  The card uses the Lisa speaker to produce the sound and can produce anything from standard computer sounds to full blown voice and audio reproduction.  The card comes with software which allows manipulation of the sound.

This project according the Vintage Micros owner, John Woodall, has “taken several years to develop and several thousand dollars to produce”.  Currently, there are 24 boards remaining of the original 50 (this also subject to orders) and if you want one of these cards you will need to act fast.  This initial run of 50 is the only run that will be produced of the card.

For more information about the Lisa DAC Card or to reserve yours, go to:

Vintage Micros has also made a video of the product in action available on their website for those with an interest in the card.

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