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CiderPress Bug Fix Release

Andy McFadden has released an update to the CiderPress Disk Management Utility for Windows. The release addresses a bug which occurred with scaling in the Windows environment. CiderPress is a Windows based program and allows users to create and manage Apple II digital file archives and disk images. This update, CiderPress Version 4.4.1-d1 is designed […]

Virtual II Emulator Updated

The Virtual II Apple II Emulator for MacOS has been updated. Virtual II Version 10.6 includes a slew of user requested additions to the emulator including the following items: Improved the unshrink feature. The extracted files are assigned the metadata stored in the archive: ProDOS file type, aux type, file creation date, as well as […]

ProDOS ROM-Drive Version 3

Terence Boldt has been a busy man lately with his fixes to the ProDOS ROM-Drive Card. He has created a version 3.0 or the card and is currently finalizing the firmware of it, with changes and fixes coming in the past few days. The ProDOS ROM-Drive card is a solid state 1mb card for the […]

Ample 0.238 Released

Kelvin Sherlock has released an update to the Ample MAME interface. Ample is a front end for the MAME emulator which is Apple II series and Macintosh centric. Complete with easy to use customization of the emulation setup, Ample is one of the easiest setups to use. The current version matches the current version of […]

emailler v2.1.13 Released

Bobbi Manners has released the latest update to her emai//er suite for the Apple //e and Apple IIgs computers. The latest release, version 2.1.13 addresses the following issues in the program: * Both SMTP65.SYSTEM and NNTP65UP.SYSTEM parsed the first 20 lines of the message looking for headers, and failed to stop at the first blank line, as they should. […]

Ultima IV Remastered Updated

Ultima IV Remastered is a fan project with over 40 bug fixes and enhancements upon the original 1985 game by Lord British. Notable features include: trainer menu (optional cheat codes); gender-neutral character creation; faster dungeon exploration with a single-character mode; skull artifact supported in combat; Mockingboard support on Apple IIgs and //c models.  The latest […]

Virtual Apple Emulator Updated

Gerard Putter has announced the immediate release of an update specifically targeting the Apple Silicon Macs. Issues with the functionality of the Quicktime Movie recording feature on the M1 has led to Virtual Apple II version 10.5.1 being released. To download the latest release of the Virtual Apple II emulator, go to:https://www.virtualii.com

Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

Tom Charlesworth has announced the release of the latest version of the Applewin Apple II Emulator for Windows. Applewin 1.30.6 includes the following updates: [Bug #993] Fix Mousecard not persisting after a machine’s hardware changes. (Regression at [Bug #985] Fix one-shot paddle timers. [xotmatrix] [Bug #989] Debugger: Fix disassembly for NMOS 6502’s JMP (Indirect) not showing correct […]

Virtual II Emulator Updated

Gerard Putter has announced the release of the latest version of his Virtual II Apple II Emulator for Mac OS X. Virtual II Version 10.5 now includes support for ShrinkIt Files within the emulator. The new features in Version 10.5 include: The File menu now has an “Extract ShrinkIt Archive” item. You can also double-click […]

New Release of Ample 0.236

Kelvin Sherlock has released a new release of the Ample MAME Interface version 0.236. The previously released version was having a problem with a missing file that was due to a build time problem. The issue has since been corrected and Ample 0.236-1 released. You can download Ample 0.236-1 and the source code for the […]

New Halloween Demo for the Apple II

Daniel Henderson has released a new Apple II Lo-Res demo just in time for Halloween 2021. The demo is a low resolution graphical rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and utilizes Bothe Double Lo-Res via Daniel’s Greasy Graphics as well as Mockingboard sound with Mockingboard conversion using Tom Porters’ Midi2Mock.. You can download the disk image […]