Current updates to 10.6 (32bit)

Last night I noticed there were some updates for Snow Leopard. I decided to install them. When I sat down at the computer an hour ago I saw there were errors and nothing was installed. This seemed oddly familiar when (back in the day) M$ was trying to get its users to leave ME and go with XP. They would push out failed updates and updates which would crash the system unless the user did a clean install…

Assuming this was a failed update I decided to install the updates individually. First was the security update. Next was Safari. Finally was iTunes. Doing it this way, everything installed without complaints.

I can’t be sure of the cause of the failed updates. Since my LAN is working properly I know the problem lies beyond my firewall…

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Mike Pfaiffer was President of A.P.P.L.E. and also the president of Digital Civilization magazine, a monthly UNIX magaine. Mike wrote a number of articles for A.P.P.L.E. and sadly passed away 19 July 2013 at age 54.