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Yesterday I saw a demo of a program called “Mouse Locator”.  Surprisingly enough it lives up to its name. That’s always a big plus as far as I am concerned. This small utility puts a larger graphic around the mouse when it is moved. There are a number of preferences available. The first is the idle time (called the trigger time). This is how long the mouse has to remain inactive before moving it starts the graphic. The second is to determine how long the graphic remains on the screen. There is another which puts a yellow circle around the mouse when it is clicked. There is also the possibility of keeping the graphic turned on all the time.

I find this program to be most useful when doing desktop related activities in OS X. When playing a game I find it rather annoying. There are a few problems with the graphic in that environment, but nothing I can’t live with. I view this as a very good substitute for the Linux panel app called “eyes”. With larger resolutions on the monitors it is very easy to lose the location of the mouse. Those of us who are not exactly young any more will know what I mean.

My friend Hamish pointed out the program resides in the users preferences area. By moving it to the systems library preferences he says the program is enabled system wide.

The program can be found at…

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