New Mod Allows 12 Bit VGA Color Using Carte Blance

A new modification for the Carte Blanche Board allows the user to get 12 bit color output from the board. The creator of the modification for the board, posted the following in CSA2:

“I have made a little modification to the Carte Blanche to allow 12 bit color VGA output for the Apple IIgs. The modification is very simple to make. Its just a cable with some resistors and a bit-stream to send the video to the IDE connector instead of the on-board 6 bit video connector. No altering of the Carte Blanche itself. The new bitstream now allows the full 4096 colors, handles palettes correctly and works in both 640 and 320 SHR modes.”

According to a posting on the website, a board will be produced Garberstreet Enterprises should enough people be interested in it.    Currently, the mod is only available in instruction form and users must create their own cable.

The modification cable he talks about in the posting is shown in detail on the Charlies Stuff website at:

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