Introduces MC68008 Card for the Apple II Series

Atsushi Ushiroda of, introduced a 68008 card for the Apple II series computers. The card is based on the Q-68 card from Stellation II and adds an additional 1mb of onboard RAM to the design.

The card is a 7mhz MC68008 with 32kb and 1mb of RAM and runs runs on the entire desktop based Apple II series computers including the Apple II, IIe, and IIgs. The card is available from for $200 including the shipping costs from Japan.

Atsushi Ushiroda is best known for being the creator of the Kanji Input System for the Apple IIgs and GS/OS as well as for several other secondary CPU cards on the Apple II series

For more information about the MC68008 Card, check out the Facebook posting by Mr. Ushiroda

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