R&D Automation Updates CFFA Project

Rich Dreher, owner of R&D Automation LLC which produced the CFFA 3000 card has released a new update on the next run of the cards.  According to his website, Rich says:

The first 500 boards have arrived back from the assembler! I have just tested 3 boards and they all work. My tentative plan is to open for pre-orders next Saturday (Feb 24) in the afternoon. This date is subject to change. I will email everyone on the waiting list when I am ready. There is still much for me to do before I am ready. I have a day off work for president’s day (US holiday) next Monday which helps.

The CFFA 3000 is a card which allows users to use both Compact Flash cards as well as USB Thumb Drives to store and emulate Apple II disk images on a real Apple II series computer.

For more information or to purchase the CFFA 3000, check out the R&D Automation LLC website at:

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