New record for the Apple-I Computer — $374,500 USD

Sotheby’s Auction House sold an Apple-I Computer this week for the staggering price of $374,500 USD.  The hammer price of this auction more than crushed the previous record of approximately $210,000 USD for an Apple-I.

The Apple-I computer was created in 1976 by Steve Wozniak and was the first machine sold by Apple, Inc.  While the machine was really just a board, many hobbyists were able to assemble the machine into a working machine with just a few parts and put it in every type of case from wood boxes to briefcases.

The particular unit sold by Sotheby’s is one of only 6 units know to actually function properly and is one of about 43 or 44 units that survived the great purge brought about by the trade-in offered when the Apple ][ was introduced.

The auction is shown on the Sotheby’s website at:

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