New Book is a Modern Day User’s Guide for the Apple II Computer

Lincoln, IL – Jun. 18, 2012 – Author David Finnigan has written and published a paperback book covering the Apple II computer.

The New Apple II User's Guide cover

Before the Macintosh and iPod, Apple Computer became famous for its easy-to-use personal computer. The New Apple II User’s Guide covers everything from setup to programming of this important, early computer. The purpose of the book is to serve as a guide to all models of Apple II, and explain the basics of setup, programming, networking, and other specialized topics.

The first chapters deal with identifying each model of Apple and common peripherals and accessories. The next chapters are a complete introduction and coverage of how to program in BASIC. Further chapters detail advanced programming topics such as screen formatting, graphics, sound, and printing. The later chapters complete the book with specialized topics including the disk system, networking and the Internet, using the low-level machine monitor, and subjects specific to the Apple IIgs. The book is entirely up-to-date and covers all recent developments in the Apple II world.

Many appendices hold miscellaneous information of use to programmers, including a summary of all BASIC and disk commands, error messages, ASCII charts and other tables, repair and troubleshooting tips, and how to use software to transfer disks to a modern computer. The book includes a full glossary and index.

Speaking about the Apple II, Larry M. Keeran, retired Apple Service technician remarked, “It is a very good part of history. Something that is unique.” Pre-publication reviewer Ewen Wannop had praise for the book, stating that it “Fills the gaps in your Apple II knowledge, with practical instruction. A must for every Apple II user.”

The book is 796 pages long and is selling for $25. It is available for purchase at

The author, David Finnigan, may be contacted by email at

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