Retrofitting an LCD to an Apple monitor

some years ago, I got a //c 9” green monitor, which worked fine for a few months, but I missed the color games. My options were connected to a TV (impractical) and also tried a small LCD monitor without success, as new monitors are 16:9, much more elongated than the traditional 4:3.

The best solution was to get a replacement color monitor of the same size. In many forums asked if I could adapt Color Classic Macintosh monitors, Sony televisions or surveillance monitors, all 9 “, but the size or circuitry does not allow to adapt into the housing of the original green monitor.
At last found a 8.4” color LCD screen after comparing measurements, it was accurate. After receiving it, installation was easy, just making a cardboard base that fitted perfectly inside the enclosure. The results are amazing.

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About the Author

Javier Rivera

I'm an apple //c fanatic, born in Mexico but living in sunny Miami, FL, the perfect place for retrobrite! I like restoring computers to bring them back to their old glory. Also like to combine new technology with vintage hardware to give new uses to them.