Next Two-Liners Exhibition: Fancy Screen Stuff

The next two-liners programming exhibition from the Apple II Software Enthusiasts group runs through July 31st, 2020.

The theme for this next round will be “Fancy Screen Stuff“. Write and submit your most impressive and inspired code that showcases the Apple II and your abilities as it relates to the theme above (and your own personal interpretation of course).

You can make something animated, lo-res, hi-res, text, it’s completely up to you! Just bring your A-Game!

The winner selected will receive a $100 USD gift card and all the bragging rights that can fit into 17 nibbles. The second prize winner will receive a $25 USD gift card.

Some brief rules:

* Your submission must be of your own creation and must fit into two lines of Applesoft or Integer BASIC code

* Extra points will be awarded for providing an overview of how the code works (and any necessary documentation on how to use it)

* All decisions by our volunteer judges are final

* All entries must be received by July 31st, 2020 at 10:00PM Mountain

* Submissions may be sent in PM, posted in the Apple II Software Enthusiasts group on Facebook, or e-mailed to spork300 at with the subject “TWO-LINER”

* Although you will retain all rights to your code, you hereby give me permission to place your submissions on a compilation disk to be given away as a FREE download in the future

Based on the last exhibition, I expect we’ll be seeing some more jaw-dropping creations, so GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!

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