CALL -151 – New Facebook Apple II Programming Group

Join our new group dedicated to all sorts of Apple II programming. Enjoy exclusive content and participate in experts’ discussions.

Current content:

  • Beta-releases of demos and tools (e.g. pre-releases of ID2 for early-bird testing)
  • Behind the scenes of hardware autodetection: How ID2 works
  • Exclusive HowTo-video tutorials
  • and much more!

Made by people and for people who still enjoy coding on the Apple II!

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About the Author

Marc-Andre Golombeck

Dr. Marc A. Golombeck is a physician and a physicist working in the field of cancer therapy and radiooncology. He is also an Apple ][ enthusiast since the age of five when he was first introduced to the fascinating world of Apple ][ computing. Today his main interests are focused on programming 6502/65C02-assembler for the Apple //e platform.