Apple ][ Disk Server Updated to Version 6

Egan Ford has updated his new Apple ][ Disk Server once again.  The Apple ][ Disks Server allows the user to connect their audio port to the Apple ][‘s cassette i/o port and load complete disk images to the floppy drive.  This process now takes less than three minutes according to a note from Egan.

Improvements between version 3 and version 6 include:

  • Added friendly ‘BEEP’, “[RETURN] to reboot”.
  • Extra second of padding for slower drives.
  • New 8KFI option that uses more reliable 8000 bps code. Try HIFI first, if that does not work use 8KFI. 8kFI works with emulators too.
  • All audio files volume decreased from 100% to 75%.
  • In-line help.
  • New INSTA-DISK with less padding.
  • FORMAT and NO-FORMAT options. NO-FORMAT assumes preformatted diskette.
  • All audio files volume increased from 75% to 100%. I cannot go any higher.

To use the Apple ][ Disk Server, go to the Disk Server website at:

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