Apple ][ Game Server Upgraded to V0.2

Egan Ford and Michael Mahon did a good bit of collaboration this week to effect the upgrading of the Apple ][ Game Server. The Apple ][ Game Server allows users to load games straight from the Internet onto their real Apple ][ computers via the cassette port and the audio port of their PC.

The HIFI files have been sped up from 12kHz/6kHz 8000 bps to 12kHz/8kHz 9600 bps. LOFI continues to operate at the cassette interface default of 2kHz/1kHz (and yes, you could write them to cassette tape and load that way).  File checking has also been upgraded on the server with a new and faster checksum and file length check. This eliminated the older CRC type checksum verification.

Egan also mentions that some files (e.g. Raster Blaster) which loaded below address $0800 were suffering an issue with the load process. This has been corrected in the latest version of the server.

With over 200 games on the server, this will keep the Apple ][ fan busy for a good long while, reliving the nostalgia that goes with loading a program via cassette on a real Apple ][ computer.

To access the Apple ][ Game Server website, go to:

For a video of the Apple ][ Game Server in action, check out this video:


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