Applesauce Orders for 2nd Run Now Open

John Morris has announced that he is now taking orders for the 2nd run of the Applesauce Floppy Drive Controller.  The Applesauce FDC allows users to digitally image their floppy disks (both personal and commercial) in the original format of the disk as it was created.  These disk images are then stored in WOZ format (an emulator format), DSK format (old emulator format) or as a raw or A2R file.

Built into the Applesauce FDC Software is support for both 13 Sector Disks as well as 16 Sectors 5.25″ disks.   Due to the methodology used by the Applesauce FDC, it does not matter which DOS version the disk is in either.   It will image them all.

The Applesauce FDC is available in two flavors which are spelled out on the website’s order page

Basic ($225) includes everything that you need to connect an Apple Disk II floppy drive (which you provide) up to your computer. This is what you need to image Apple II 5.25″ floppy disks. If you plan on working with commercial (copy protected) disks, then a Sync Sensor Kit is strongly recommended (it is required for flux imaging). The Sync Sensor Kit is installed into a Disk II drive and is not a quick task to switch it to a different drive. If you want to have multiple drives ready to use with Applesauce, then you may find that you need additional Sync Sensor Kits.

Deluxe ($285) includes everything you need to connect an Apple Disk II, Apple 5.25 Drive or Apple 3.5 Drive up to your computer. This allows you to image everything the Basic model does and adds the ability to read/write 3.5″ Macintosh (400/800K) and Apple II (800K) disks. The Sync Sensor Kit is not needed for 3.5″ drives.

Both the Basic and Deluxe include an AC/DC power adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz) that has a US plug. You may need an AC plug adapter (not included) depending on your country.

(According to Applesauce Order Page at:

John is also currently limiting the units to one per customer due to the high demand of the Floppy Drive Controllers.  Also,many of those who ordered first run boxes will also be receiving updated boards for their Applesauce FDC sometime early in the new year according to information provided to A.P.P.L.E..

Also, updated was the software which is provided with the unit with the latest version being 1.0.6 released in September 2018.  The WOZ format which is the updated disk image format created specifically for the Applesauce has updated to version 2.0

For more information or to order an Applesauce, check out the Applesauce website at:

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