Applesoft I Patches

The May 1978 Contact! newsletter from Apple Computer, Inc. contained a number of required patches to repair bugs in Applesoft I.


Array Indexing Problem Fix

POKE 6331,32:POKE 6332, 168: POKE 6333, 41: POKE 6334, 234:

POKE 10646,133:POKE 10647, 177: POKE 10648,161:POKE 10649,5: POKE 19650,165:POKE 10651,132:POKE 10652, 96


Long line Fix

POKE 3050,234:POKE 3054,136:POKE 3055,145: POKE 3056, 158: POKE 3057,208: POKE 3052,251


“END” Statement Fix

POKE 2048,210


FRE(0) Function Fix

POKE 6143,5


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