Contiki 2.5.rc1 Available for Download

Oliver Schmidth posted a note about Contiki 2.5.rc1 being made available for download this morning.  The suite allows complete connectivity for vintage computer platforms via ethernet to the Internet.  The full release follows:

Contiki 2.5.rc1 binary release for Retrocomputing’ has just been made available on

It’s a straight compile of the unmodified Contiki 2.5.rc1 sources avialable on….
using cc65 2.13.2

The major changes are:

– Support of the Atari 8-bit machines with the cart described on

– FTP client app (only download although UI suggests upload too)

– Twitter client with OAuth workaround (using

– New high contrast color scheme for Contiki UI apps on the C64

I hope that this release helps to foster further interest in creating new internetworked retrocomputing applications based on Contiki – or improving/extending the existing ones. Just a few examples that come into my mind:

– Add upload capabilities to the FTP client
– Add IMAP capabilities to the SMTP client
– Create an RSS feed reader

Contiki for Retrocomputing is meant to be a community project!

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