Bit Coin Mining on the Apple II

Well, the mind of the Charles Mangin has once again come up with a project which will rock the world at its core. Bit Coin Mining on the Apple II. Yes, you heard right. Mining actual Bit Coins on the proverbial Apple II computer, the 1MHz wonder machine which has lasted 40 plus years now.

While this project would have been almost a perfect April Fools project such as the now very real Java Virtual Machine for the Apple II at its inception, this project is now, just as in the case of the Java VM, is as real as it gets.

But before you break the real machine and think you are going to become the next Satoshi, you will need to read Charles bit on the actual program and the fact that as he says, “it would take 256 trillion years to mine a coin”.

To read more about the Apple II Bit Coin Mining project, go to:

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