David Schmenk Updates Plasma SDK

David Schmenk has posted an update to his self developed PLASMA SDK.   According to the posting on the Apple II Enthusiasts

PLASMA for the Holidays

(For all you programmer types looking to escape from the relatives this week)

Just like last year, here is an update to the PLASMA sandbox (an Apple II IDE to play around with PLASMA). It is (sort of) self-documenting progression through some PLASMA example code. PLASMA has grown up a lot since last year. With much input from actual users, it now resembles a real language. It has also sped up quite a bit, about 25-30% over the previous version. By speeding up the VM, I was able to remove the native compiled routines, which sped it up but at the expense of a large increase in memory usage. So now, all the examples can be loaded and compiled in the sandbox.

The disk images and manual are freely downloadable.  The disk image for PLASMA can be downloaded from the GITHUB repository at  https://github.com/dschmenk/PLASMA/blob/master/SANDBOX.PO?raw=true.  You can also download the manual for PLASMA from https://github.com/dschmenk/PLASMA/blob/master/doc/User%20Manual.md.For more information about PLASMA or for updates to the program, check out the GITHUB page at: https://github.com/dschmenk/PLASMA/


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