Early Apple ][ Sells for over $23,000 on Ebay


An early Apple ][ computer posted on EBay, sold for for an unheard of $23,099 US today.  The computer with the markings of being serial number 047 of the A2S1 series is a first run case, which does not have the traditional ventilation slots found in later run machines.  It also had a power supply hand marked as serial number 049.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 12.05.59 PM

While most Apple ][ computers sold on the Internet normally go for up to a few hundred dollars, the rarity of this machine made our initial estimates of the selling price in the 10,000 USD range.  This was doubled and then some with some last minute bidding that was quite harried.  The bid on the machine went from 6,000 USD with about 15 seconds left to 10,100 then to 14,000 and finally to the selling price of 23,099 USD.


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