New Email and Web Hosting service for Apple II Related items to open

David Finnigan, curator of MacGui and author of The New Apple II Users Guide has announced a web and email service for Apple II related materials.  The announcement on CSA2 states:

Soon, the barrier to entry for starting an Apple II web site will be reduced to the time required to register an account at, a site coming soon for all Apple II users! Anyone will be able to have a WordPress blog, photo gallery, and enough web space to host any sort of Apple II web site.

Those experienced with HTML will be able to upload their own web pages and files using FTP, and enjoy 200 MB storage space and unmetered bandwidth.

The URL will be

Private file hosting is also available in a separate FTP directory that is not exposed to the web.  All of this will be complimentary to any Apple II user. will be hosted on the same server infrastructure that powers Mac GUI, a site that has been online for 8 years.

Email accounts may be offered in the future, as well as upgraded accounts for a monthly or yearly fee. I hope to have the service fully open in just a few weeks; early to mid October.

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