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After a long hiatus, Dave Touvell has revamped his website.  The website,  long the home of items such as the Essential Data Duplicator (EDD) has now become a Wiki type of website allowing for user contributions to the website.   According to the announcement on CSA2:

After mostly ignoring it for the last several years, I’ve revamped it and it’s now a wiki. That should make it easier for me to update and hopefully others in the Apple II community will also get involved.

Anybody can edit the site, but in an effort to try to keep from being overrun by spambots I’m requiring people to register before they can edit. But registration is simple – just a user name/password and a valid email address to send an automatic confirmation request to. Once you reply to that request you’re good to go. No, I’m not harvesting email addresses or anything, I’m just hoping it will stop most of the spam and vandalism that some wiki sites have to deal with.

I envision to become a place where people who get a piece of Apple II (or 1 or ///) hardware can find all the resources they need to make it work and find out more about it. I’m also putting up information about some software, mostly older stuff or system software.

My intent is not to suck all the information from other sites. Much of the content is original, but a lot of it has been gathered from other sites in order to put everything I could find pertaining to a piece of hardware or software in one location. I try to give credit when I know where something originated, and expect anyone else editing the site to do the same.

The Links section is a mess. I just copied them all from my old “Working Apple II Links” site, which hadn’t been updated in years. I know a lot of the sites are gone, and some have changed hands and direction, and then there are some new ones that aren’t in the list yet. I’m going to try to go through and clean it up soon.

So, check out the NEW

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