NuInput 2.0 is released

NuInput, the replacement package for Applesoft’s INPUT and GET commands has been updated.  Ivan Drucker, the author of NuInput and Slammer has made the latest version 2.0,  available for immediate download from the NuInput website.

NuInput was initially introduced by Ivan at the 2010 rendition of Kansasfest ( as part of a demonstration he did with both NuInput and Slammer. The latest version of NuInput includes a number of new features including:

  • YZ$ (ST$ template) is no longer needed
  • DELETE deletes if at end of entry, backspaces otherwise
  • PEEK(8) contains ASCII value of submit key (ctrl-key, ESC, or CR)
  • PEEK(9) contains cursor position when submitted
  • ability to submit via specifiable control characters in KC$
  • option to disable CR for entry
  • As an alternative to lines 0-19, BRUN NUINPUT.BRUN will also dynamically place NuInput in a safe memory location, and CALL 250 can activate it
  • 498 bytes total, down from 768 (saves over 1K when used with Slammer)

Changed behaviors in NuInput 2.0:

  • POKE 253 and 254 are initialized on CALL 250 if ST$ does not exist
  • uppercase characters in KL$ are case insenstive unless [+1] is set
  • line never wraps to next line on submit, even on CR
  • submitting blank entry via ESC yields empty ST$ [instead of CHR$(27)]
  • DE$ remains in its original case even if lower-to-upper is enabled
  • control characters or DEL in DE$ are displayed as carets (^)
  • if POKE 253 contains 0, it is set to 255

For more information or to download the disk image for the program, go to the NuInput website at :



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