Open Apple Podcast # 11 now Available

The Open Apple Podcast, produced by Apple ][ fans Mike Maginnis and Ken Gagne, is now available on the Open Apple Poscast website.  This is the 11th edition of Open Apple and features guest host David Greelish of the Retro Computing Rountable Podcast.

This month Ken and Mike run through a host of news items including Steve Jobs’ passing, the 175,000 Apple-1, the 1.6 million dollar apple document, and the John Scully Interview done by David Greelish, as well as a bit about Apple ][ History curator, Dr. Steven Weyhrich.

David Greelish has also released his new book of the entire “Historically Brewed” newsletter.  The book was funded  through kickstarter and at last count, less than 30 were left available.

You can hear the podcast in its entirety at the Open Apple Podcast Website:


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