State Shirt Releases Full Length Music Video Featuring Apple //C

State Shirt, a musician also know as Ethan Tufts has released a full length video featuring the recently released Digital Music Synthesizer for the Apple //c.  The song, aptly named IIc Video Song, is available to watch on the State Shirt website or on YouTube.  The IIc Video Song is a high paced multiple layer percussion, piano and vocal mesh which is deftly assembled into a glossy, high quality video that is very modern, appealing to those with a taste for quality percussion and is honestly down right amazing.

Digital Music Synthesizer was released this past month after a collaboration between Michael Mahon and Seth Bernberger produced what is considered the finest sound utility for the Apple //c ever produced.

To watch the video in full, check out the YouTube below:
State Shirt – IIc

Our thanks to Michael Mahon on CSA2 for pointing this one out.

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