T2A2 – The transputer is finally here!

Axel Muhr from Germany has announced the release of his T2A2 card, his transputer project for the Apple II. Read his announcement:

I’d just like to send you a quick heads-up, that my T2A2 (“Transputer to Apple II”) interface finally became a real PCB – 6 years after you ran a news-line about the prototype (http://a2central.com/2683/t2a2-apple-ii-transputer-interface/). Well sometimes it just takes a tad bit longer 😀


I ran a first initial batch of 20 as I have no idea how big (or small) the interest is, as this is really something, uhm, ‘special’ 😉

Get yours today!

T2A2 by Axel Muhr

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