HyperCard IIgs Extras Released

Brendon Bellina has announced the release of the HyperCard IIgs Extras. Best known for his Scipt-Central SE packages, Brendon mentions that this “Extras” stack release will greatly enhance the capabilities of HyperCard IIgs.

According to the HyperCard IIgs Extras webpage, “Apple included many stacks for the Macintosh version of HyperCard that were never released for HyperCard IIGS. Many of the stacks from HyperCard 1.2.5 and earlier were packaged into a single stack named “Stack Templates” that was released with later versions of HyperCard. Among other stacks provided by Apple with Macintosh HyperCard there was “Phone Dialer” – a utility stack that allowed intelligent phone dialing from within any stack, and two stacks specifically for developers named “Readymade Buttons” and “Readymade Fields” which included buttons and fields that could be copied into stacks to add functionality.”

The stacks are downloadable from the Tilting as Pixelated Windmills website at:

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