Apple II Lemmings Proof of Concept

Vince Weaver has released a “Proof of Consept” version of his Lemmings remake for the Apple II computer. Originally created in 1991, the game Lemmings was created for several platforms including the Apple IIgs.

During his viewing of the 30th Anniversary video of the video about the game, Vince found himself contemplating this remake. He says, “a dangerous thing happened… I realized the colors weren’t that far off of the Apple II hires palette. So I took a break from my Peasant’s Quest project and used all my newfound hi-res graphics skills to see what I could implement. “

Vince has released his version for the Apple II computer with 10 levels of playable game. While not complete, it is a good enough version to demonstrate the feasibility of an actual release of the game for the Apple II computer.

You can download the Apple IIe version of Lemmings from his webpage at:

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