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Wave this Apple Computer publication under the nose of those who ask. For $3.00 you get 96 pages of product descriptions, software supplier names and addresses, and a list of software by application category. Available from your dealer or Apple Computer. Make sure you get the latest issue, released in April, which added more software and hardware.

If you haven’t heard, Apple Computer has announced a mouse and driver board for the //, priced at $150. The same product will work on the /// as well. All you need is the /// mouse driver software, which Apple Computer will be supplying.

/// PLUS
It is HERE. Features of this update include a //e-style keyboard (finally a DEL key!), interlaced video for double text/graphics screen resolution, clock/calendar function, SOS 1.3, and a redesigned mother board with a larger power supply. List price on the /// Plus is $2995. An Interlace Upgrade Kit is available for earlier ///s, and the Clock/Calendar Kit is $35 (plus installation).

These should be available now from dealers, or certainly from Apple. They are packaged and priced separately. Apple /// Pascal Tool Kit: Development help for Pascal folks. It includes utilities for such programming functions as compiling, comparing data text files, designing user interfaces, and directory sorting.
Apple Pascal Numerics:

  • For both the // and ///. Units togive Pascal programmers single, double and extended-precision real and integer numbers.
  • Incorporates IEEE-standard numerics and math functions.
  • Pronto: The Apple /// Pascal
  • Debugger: Debug while executing programs at full speed, without recompiling.

On Three: Box 3825 Ventura, CA 93006. Monthly, $30/year.
Programs, reviews, etc.
Open Apple Gazette: Original Apple ///rs Box 813 San Francisco, CA 94101
A users group newsletter.
Programs, reviews, lists of /// software.
There are now four such available from Apple Computer:

  1. SOS Reference Manuals, V 1&2, (includes ExerSOS Disk), A3L0027, $50.
  2. Apple /// Pascal Technical Reference Manual, A3L0006, $50.
  3. Device Driver Writer’s Guide, A3L0023, $25.
  4. Apple /// Technical Reference Manual (not available from dealers).


Apple Computer has created this on-line information service for /// owners, developers and dealers. It is available on CompuServe, and you’ll need your own CompuServe account (for which you’ll pay, of course).

It provides a bulletin board, “electronic newsletter” from Apple on new products and applications, info on software updates, etc. You can also set up electronic mail connections to other /// users.

For more information contact:
Mr. Albert Chu
Apple Computer
Mail Stop 22-A
20525 Mariani Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014

This is a pre-boot module that adds a calendar, calculator and scratch pad to any program you then load. List price: $95. Available from AZZSCOM, 190
Serena Way, Santa Clara, CA 95051 (408) 249-7353.

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