/// Cheers! — Author’s Guide

/// CHEERS! enthusiastically and (well)  cheerfully  welcomes  articles  and programs from potential authors — we want to read stuff from other people!

We  are  interested in how-to-do-it articles, hardware/software reviews, use notes on popular  applications  software,  and  programs  in  any  languages supported  on  the  ///.   Particular emphasis is given to programs that are instructive, and/or provide needed utilities.

The guidelines are rather simple:  submit your  text  on  DISK,  along  with source files for any programs, or  source and invokable  files for invokable modules.  Disks should be in SOS  or  (gasp)  DOS  3.3  or  ProDOS  formats. Articles,  documentation  and other “real text”  may be in  either  ASCII or Pascal text files.  Try not to depend on complex  text  formatting,  unusual fonts,  or graphics — remember that /// CHEERS! is designed for text output to both the screen and the wide variety  of  printers  out  there.   We  CAN accept articles and other text (not programs) in printed form, but note that page rate payments to authors are less in this case.

Follow the example of text in this edition regarding style  and  formatting. Text should NOT be right-justified.

We  will  acknowledge  your  submission  by  mail as soon as it is received. Rejected submissions will be returned to the author.  We  may  also  request revisions  in  text  or  programs.  You will be notified by mail or phone if your submission is accepted, along with the approximate publication date.

You may request that programs be marked as “not for  commercial  use.”   Our normal  practice and preference is that A.P.P.L.E. shall retain copyright to all published articles and programs.  Other arrangements  may  be  made,  by discussion with the Editor.

Payment  to  authors  is made at the rate of .72 cents per character for all published material (text and programs) submitted on disk.  On-paper  article submissions are paid at the rate of .5 cents per character.  As noted above, programs must be submitted on disk.

Address all correspondence to:

21246 68th Ave. S.
Kent, WA  98032

or call: (206) 872-2245.

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