Multitasking Operating System for the Apple II

Over the past year or so, Remy Gibert has been working on a multi-tasking operating system for the Apple II.  The system, which appears to be much like Unix / Linux, is well into development with a good portion of the system completed.  The goal of A2osX as Remy has named his fledgling operating system is to create:

a cooperative, event-driven multitasking kernel (meaning it is applications that are responsible to give back control to kernel) Its principal goal is to collect all “genius” 65c02 pieces of code ever written here and there, concentrated in the same environment. (including IP Stack & HTTPD/TELNETD…, GUI & graphical tools…) “Complete working place”, no needing any more to reboot to switch between tons of diskettes!!!

while the system is still very much a work in progress, it has been coming along and floppy disks for the system are available on the Github for A2osX at:

The system requirements according to the Github are:

any “stock” 128k Apple //e, with no additional hardware. As VBL signal is NOT available as an IRQ on //e (it is on //c & IIgs) it makes preemptive multitasking impossible.

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