Nick Westgate

AppleIIGo Java Based Emulator Updated


AppleIIGo version 1.0.9 has been fully implemented.  AppleIIGo is the emulator which currently runs the Java based version of the Virtual Apple II pages. Updates to the emulator include:

– fixed disk speed-up bug (Sherwood Forest reads with the drive motor off)
– added check for 2IMG header ID
– fixed processor status bugs in BRK, PLP, RTI, NMI, IRQ

The source code for the emulator will be available once we confirm that there are no issues with this release.  Thanks go out to Nick Westgate for the fixes and changes in the emulator

To download the current JAR or the latest source code for the emulator, go to:


Mouse Emulation added to JACE Apple ][ Emulator

JACE or Java Apple Computer Emulator has been updated once again by Brendon Robert.  The latest version of the emulator has mouse emulation implemented.   According to the release on CSA2, ”

  • Only “clamping” style mouse emulation is supported well, and it is supported VERY well.  It scales the mouse coordinates to the physical mouse, so it works seamlessly with the OS mouse too!
  • Interrupts and polling both implemented — polling seems to work pretty well at least.  Interrupts should work also, but I can’t tell if I’ve encountered something that uses interrupts or not…  :->
  • Resetting the mouse pointer to read relative mouse movement isn’t really implemented and could have unknown results.  I’m not sure what the effect of this would be but again, it’s a matter of finding something that uses the mouse that way.

While the implementation is still early, it does work with a number of mouse enhanced Apple ][ products.  It will not however, work with Dazzle Draw or Airheart.  Brendon is looking for help in the issue of the Resetting the Mouse Pointer as well as any insight into what could be happening with Dazzle Draw and Airheart.  You can download the emulator from the JACE page on Sourceforge at:

To reach Brendon, you can check the CSA2 groups on Google and contact user BLuRry.

JACE Emulator Source Code Updated, Build Coming Soon

Brenden Robert has updated his JACE Emulator (Java Apple Computer Emulator) Source code to revision 150 and has said that a new build is coming soon.  The delay in the update was attributed to  several bugs which were preventing a build from being submitted.  According to Brenden’s post on CSA2, “I still have some issues with getting the code to run really well when full-screen, but that’s a video generation/scaling problem and I need to profile the code further to track down what’s going on there to nail it.

Some things fixed are: Video null pointer error on start, Removed program counter from configuration screen to fix crashes when reconfiguring the emulator, better prompts when loading media, and the intro text now correctly indicates the keys for loading disk and hard drive media (was incorrect previously).

Oh, and I fixed the bug that caused sound to not work in games like Moon Patrol (which uses a STA $C030 instead of LDA or BIT) so now sound is pretty much 100% but still kinda choppy if you full-screen. Still, no random crashes or freezes so that’s good.

I would like to have better joystick support but really that’s not going to happen in Java without native libraries, something I’ve been trying desperately to avoid.  Since the configuration system is very modular, it may be possible to have a mod system, similar in fashion to a lot of modern games like Minecraft and the like.  That would allow the base copy of Jace to be dependency-free and allow those who want different emulation options another way.  Come to think of it, I could add an RXTX-based SSC implementation too if needed.”

JACE is primarily being developed by Brenden and Nick Westgate and is one of the few emulators which has Full 128K Support and Double Hi-Resoluition graphics capability.  The features of the JACE Emulator are as follows:

  • Full 128kb support, double-hires and 80-column
  • Disk emulation (dos ordering, NIB)
  • Speaker emulation
  • CPU-saver features (diables sound/video updates when possible)
  • SSC-over-TCP/IP emulation
  • Open-ended design makes it easier for developers to add additional hardware emulation
  • HDV/2MG image support
  • Joystick emulation (using mouse)

While the project began in 2007, the initial release to the public did not occur until January 2011.  For more about the JACE Emulator or to download the source code, go to the website at:

Or you can directly download the source code from the Sourceforge site at: