iTunes Match Having Startup issues

iTunes is having a number of issues according to reports we have received from our members and readers.  Reports late last night of Apple rolling the system out early in the wrong parts of the world and then refunding the monies hours later were rampant.  Then it was Apple ID’s not being recognized.  Now it seems as though some of our readers are having issues with getting through the screens associated with registering for the service.

Unfortunately, this issue is not likely to disappear anytime soon.  With the many thousands of songs some people have in their libraries, the system is likely to be sluggish, slow, and outright non-existent for days to come due to the requirements of the millions of users globally that are all trying to use the iTunes Match service.

In spite of the issues, Apple’s stock was up from the close yesterday although it was about $4 off the high of the day.

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