Apple releases update for Logic Express

Apple Computer Inc. has released an update to their Logic Express program.  Logic Express is Apple’s consumer level version of their Music Mixing package which allows for the user to manage multiple sound streams and build songs in a professional manner.

With its 36 instruments, the program is a very capable “little brother” to the professional version of the software,  Logic Pro.  It can handle up to 255 tracks of audio and has 83 plug in effects.

The latest version of the software, Version 9.1.6 fixes the following issues:

  • Improved compatibility with full-screen view and Mission Control in OS X Lion
  • The sample preview option available when importing samples into Ultrabeat now functions correctly
  • The destination for recorded files is now properly reset to the new Project folder after using “Save As…” command This update is recommended for all users of Logic Express 9.

You can download the update from the Apple Support page for Logic Express  at:

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